More details on the new crafting system in CoH

From Total Gaming:

Q: Obviously crafting has become a major part of MMOs. Tell us what the Invention system will offer players?

A: Since the “City of” games never had a crafting system or hard “loot” of any kind, we are kind of easing our playerbase into the concept. What you won’t find is a hard core crafting system that you must min-max numbers in for weeks to make the best “product”. What you will find is a fun new way to gain Enhancements, and Enhancements you actually desire. In addition, you can collect various “sets” of Enhancements which slot into specific powers. When you collect multiple pieces of the same set and slot them into the same power, you start to unlock new bonuses for your character that they didn’t have previously. This includes stuff like overall Damage bonuses or Defense bonuses versus specific attacks. Number crunchers will love the challenge of stacking these set bonuses, whereas more casual players will simply be happier that their character gets more powerful with each set they collect.

It sounds like they’re making Enhancements more like equipment is in other games.


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