Sick and wrong

This is really, really sad.  I’ve never met Kathy, but I do learn a lot from her blog.  Hopefully the police will catch the assholes, though my hopes aren’t high.  *sigh*  People suck.


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  1. Stephen Taylor thought on :

    This is quite worrying. What are they looking to achieve? People mystify me.

  2. Psychochild wrote on :

    Not to justify the behavior, but this is actually pretty common online for anyone with any sort of celebrity. Hell, I’ve had threats of that type more than once. One time someone made a rather tasteless joke about pedophilia on global chat in M59 and taunted people from a save spot in an inn. I teleported the person out for people to get a bit of revenge. In retaliation, the person quit his account and posted the whole thing up on a website (which seems to have been lost to the ages at this point), but basically tried to paint me as a bad guy for punishing him after making a truly disgusting joke. (I wasn’t particularly fond of the idea of someone being able to find a search result for that term and my pseudonym together. :P )

    Another event happened when I banned a cheater. Of course, he was innocent (*big wink*) and thought I was heartless for banning his accounts. He started searching for information about me, and even divulged a bit of information he found out from chatting with me, and using this information to insult and physically threaten me. He stepped over the line when he started threatening my better half (implying he’d hunt her down and physically/sexually assault her), but a mutual “friend” told him to stop being an asshole, and I didn’t have to involve the authorities.

    Sadly, this type of behavior is all too common. Perhaps a high profile case like this might make some idiots think twice.

  3. Joe thought on :

    I fear that the high profile may actually egg them on. This is a form of griefing, after all, and what the griefers really crave is a) disruption of the target’s life, and b) attention. They achieved both in this case, in spades.

    I’m sure this is something that CSRs for MMOs deal with all the time. In those cases, though, you usually know WHO you’re dealing with, or at least a piece of information (credit card number) that the police can use to track down the offender. Kathy is having to deal with escalating, anonymous threats over the course of weeks by what seem to be MULTIPLE offenders. Ugh.

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