XNA Studio games can now be shared

Microsoft has added the ability to share game binaries to XNA Studio:

Officials from Microsoft have announced an incremental update to its XNA Game Studio Express, the software toolset aimed at Windows and Xbox 360 homebrew programmers and students, now containing a utility to let users share binaries for both PC and 360 platforms.

This leaves several hoops for indie game developers to jump through to get some money for their XNA Studio-created console games. First is the barrier to entry for purchases: They have to be a member of the XNA creator’s club, which involves paying Microsoft $99 per year and installing XNA studio on their own. The second is that there is still no direct method of charging for a game. You could generate your own unlock codes or charge a fee at download, but there’s no way for someone to pay some points and get your game.

This is the first hurdle, though. I expect Microsoft to address the other two by the end of the year.


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  1. Rich Bryant said on :

    Currently, games can only be shared with other Creator’s CLub members. Dave “letskilldave.com” Weller has more details.

    We await XNA Pro with decent Studio integration and a proper networking stack. But it’s growing, slowly.

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