Gamasutra interview from PAX

While we were at PAX Rick Saada (of Castle of the Winds fame) and I sat down with Tom Kim from Gamasutra to record an interview. It covers the history and development of both Pirates of the Burning Sea the game and Flying Lab Software the company. They’ve posted the podcast over at Gamasutra.

The Pirates interview starts about 10:30 into the podcast.


2 Responses to “Gamasutra interview from PAX”

  1. Darius K. said on :

    Oh my goodness… I spent many, many hours playing CotW! Was Rick at AGDC? Because if so, I’ll kick myself for not talking to him about it.

  2. Joe commented on :

    He was. I may have even introduced you to him at one point. Remind me at GDC. I’ll be sure to point him out.

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