Running the PotBS Servers

Brendan Walker, one of the engineers on Pirates, has posted a devlog on the server operations tools we’re using in our beta (and soon in our launch.) The stuff he’s put together is pretty sweet and is really helping us stay on top of the beta.


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  1. BugHunter wrote on :

    Any hints on how soon “soon” is? :)

  2. Joe wrote on :

    Well we announced the pre-order boxes will be in the stores in late October. That’s certainly a hint. :)

  3. BugHunter replied on :

    I knew it was a long shot, but had to try anyway.

    It seems that you are on the forums very very rarely (compared to aether, taelorn, Rusty, Misha, etc.). Are you under orders to not talk to the people, or are you (as I suspect) swamped working on that Nov. 7th (15 days after Oct. 23rd hehe) release date ;)

  4. Joe wrote on :

    Nice try! :)

    It’s sad that my post count is only 62 despite having been working on the game all 5 years. I have posted somewhat often in the beta forums from time to time, though those don’t count in the post count.

    Lately I’ve been very busy working on the REDACTED on REDACTED, and the REDACTED of REDACTED. I’m really looking forward to those.

  5. mroutlaw replied on :

    hi i was wondering can you direct me or can i see what the server/serverfarm looks like to run such a game ? i remember many years ago everquest had such a pic up and id love to see what they look like now adays , thanks

  6. Joe wrote on :

    I imagine that our server farm looks more or less the same as Everquest’s did. Racks and racks of servers with wires going everywhere.

    Under the hood is just Moore’s law in action. We have 5 8-way machines per cluster with 16GB of RAM and two gigabit ethernet NICs, one of which leads to a NAS box that has some number of terabytes of disk in it. I don’t know most of the specifics and haven’t actually been to the data center. From my perspective it’s a big pile of machines, CPUs, RAM, and hard disk space. :)

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