Pirates NDA drops

We just dropped our NDA with the start of open beta today. Hopefully a billion forums will be abuzz with talk of Pirates today. :)

This is a pretty big deal around Flying Lab. We’ve been working on the game for more than five years and have been in closed beta for two. Now we’re entering the final stretch before the pre-order head start on January 7th.  (The game “launches” on January 22, but paying customers will gain access on the 7th and get to keep their characters, so that’s our real launch date by every measure that matters.)  It will be nice to have people who have actually played the game get a chance to talk about it.


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  1. Darius K. replied on :


  2. Natalia wrote on :

    Congrats, looking forward to trying it out. I’ll definitely pick up a copy of the game, it will be a nice diversion from WoWCrack…

  3. Matthew Weigel said on :

    Congratulations! It’s always been interesting and informative hearing you talk and write about the server architecture, soon it will be time for the rubber to hit the road. :-)

  4. dpi209 thought on :

    I second that comment of Matthew :)


  5. sidereal wrote on :

    Hey Joe. Are there any details available about how PotBS will interact with Station Access? Will it be included at launch? If one doubles up with a pre-order (assuming that comes with a free month) and Access is there any recompense other than the sweet knowledge that I’m paying for your pizza?


  6. Joe wrote on :

    We will be included in Station Access. I have no idea how station access interacts with the free month that comes in the retail box. What does SOE do for their other games?

  7. sidereal replied on :

    Good question, to which I don’t have the answer (never bought an access game on launch). I’m pretty confident I’ll just end up eating it. No worries.

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