ION Game Conference call for speakers

OGDC was the best conference I went to last year, which is why I asked what I could do to help when I ran into Peter Freese at PAX. Well now I’m on the board of advisors… guess that’s what I get for opening my big mouth. :)

The conference is changing its name this year to ION Game Conference. It’s the same people putting on the conference, just a rename. Personally, I think it’s a much better name.

The conference is looking for speakers, and is accepting proposals until January 21st. All tracks are accepting proposals, but I’m mostly involved in the selection process for the programming talks. If you feel qualified to give a lecture about any of the following, please submit a proposal!

  • High performance networking
    • Techniques for handling extremely large amounts of latency-sensitive data
  • Moving from development to operations
    • Deployment procedures
    • Tips for debugging live problems
    • Recording crashes
    • Alerts for exceptional conditions
    • Dealing with huge numbers of logs
  • Build systems for big projects
    • Managing the entire asset pipeline as well
    • Injecting new content dynamically
  • Using scrum for big online games
    • Organizing cross-functional teams to get programmers to work more effectively with artists and designers
  • Tool chain postmortems
    • What worked and what didn’t on tool pipelines for artists, designers, and operators
  • Building highly concurrent systems
    • What techniques can be used today to take advantage of 4-8 core systems
    • Distributed processing across separate processors
  • Security Considerations
    • How are games commonly exploited?
    • What are the most common programming mistakes that lead to exploitability?
    • What methods exist for detecting exploits?
    • How secure is good enough?
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Pathing algorithms for dynamic worlds
    • Emotion and behavior in NPCs
  • Character Visualization
    • Creating customizable characters without sacrificing performance
    • Hiding latency with autonomous character state machines
  • Programming and scripting languages for online games
    • Using Python, Lua, Ruby, et al for servers
    • Using Python, Lua, Flash, Javascript, et al for clients
    • What other languages should developers be seriously looking at?
    • What experience have developers had with managed code in games?


7 Responses to “ION Game Conference call for speakers”

  1. Darius K. replied on :

    Let me just say to those who are reading the comments that I was treated really well as a speaker at OGDC/ION last year. It was also the best conference I attended out of the 10+ that I went to in 2007.

  2. Ariel Leroux replied on :

    It was nice to have another major convention have its home in the Seattle area for a change. Even for those who didn’t attend the convention, many got together and traveled to see those attending the convention and to visit the many development studios in the Seattle area.

    I look forward to the 2nd annual.

  3. Matthew Weigel wrote on :

    Hmmm, I’ve got an idea for a paper but I’m not sure if I’ll have in sufficiently fleshed out to know whether it’s worth submitting by the 21st.

    Perhaps if you’d posted this before Christmas, I could have obsessed over it while I was on vacation, but oh well. :-)

  4. Joe said on :

    I meant to post before Christmas, but Open Beta kept me busy. :)

    You don’t have to be finished (or even started) on the paper by 1/21. Just have enough of an idea what you want to do to write an abstract. I suggest you go ahead and submit with what you know about the paper now.

  5. Matthew Weigel commented on :

    Bleh. It’s pretty obvious I haven’t had time to pursue my idea, even enough to submit a proposal. Still, I hope the conference does great, and maybe next year I can pull an idea back out of the bin and see where it goes. :-)

  6. Peter commented on :

    As Joe pointed out, you don’t need to submit a complete paper, just an abstract with enough info for the board to make an evaluation. Sadly, the deadline has come and gone, but I hope you get a chance to attend (and consider presenting next year). We’re definitely interested in getting speakers with fresh material and new ideas (like your experience with Dungeon Runners).

  7. Matthew Weigel commented on :

    Thanks Peter!

    Truth is, the things I’d like to talk about diverged a bit from the call for proposals, and I didn’t find any specific inspirations in the time available. And yes, I’m planning on attending the conference, it was completely under my radar until Joe’s post.

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