Does this mean I have to rename my blog?

This morning we announced that I’m now the Producer of Pirates of the Burning Sea. They haven’t come for my compiler yet, but I’m sure it’s not long now. :)

This isn’t actually as big a change in duties as it might seem at first. I’ve been spending a lot of time over the past year dealing with our partnerships with SOE and others. I’ve also always been a meddler, so I was always sticking my nose in Rev’s business anyway. Now it’s my business instead.


9 Responses to “Does this mean I have to rename my blog?”

  1. John Scott Tynes wrote on :

    Good luck, Joe! With relief, I cede all future fan-stalking incidents to you. Enjoy, won’t you? :)

  2. sidereal thought on :

    Get producing!

  3. dpi209 wrote on :

    Congratulations! (I think)

    Ah, is taken, by the way. So I guess you won’t have to rename your blog after all ;)

  4. Sara Jensen Schubert replied on :


  5. Matthew Weigel thought on :

    Congratulations! I look forward to seeing a PHB Joe at the next convention…

  6. Joe wrote on :

    What, I should put my hair up in a mohawk? :)

  7. Tim wrote on :

    Last of the Joehicans? :^)

    Congrats, and this explains the long blog silence!

  8. Tim thought on :

    “What, I should put my hair up in a mohawk?”

    YES. Yes you should.

  9. Matthew Weigel said on :

    Joe: judging from the source material, a bihawk is acceptable. ;-)

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