We’re easier than EVE!


8 Responses to “We’re easier than EVE!”

  1. Greg said on :

    This made me “snort laugh,” damn you! ;)

  2. sidereal said on :

    Funny, but the graph is backwards :P . It implies that skill goes up very quickly with Eve. Or is that Gaming Skill _Required_?

  3. Joe wrote on :

    The comments on Digg eventually devolved into a debate about the shape of the graph. Another obvious error is that neither PotBS nor LotRO are easier than WoW at the beginning. Why must you people ruin all the fun? ;)

  4. Wolfe said on :

    And WoW gets incredibly hard at the very far end!

  5. David Hunt thought on :

    I love this picture.

  6. Curtis wrote on :

    I play EVE and enjoy it, and even I can’t argue about this…the learning curve is quite ridiculous, and I’m not sure anyone ever hits that level bit at the top…

  7. viper replied on :

    i agree, eve is pretty rough, very steep learning curve, and i agree also that there is never a point where you stop learning, but certainly a point where most everything falls into place pretty easy. this definately is a good pic though.

  8. Sentret wrote on :

    This is the most accurate picture ever. EVE is outrageously hard, but I love it. If you like a game that’s ALWAYS challenging at every corner, EVE won’t disappoint.

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