Facebook Week – Day 7

My murder mystery game has a name!  I’m calling it “Prime Suspect”.  Thanks for the suggestion, Nissa.

I signed up with ReliableSite.net for hosting yesterday, but they don’t seem to have emailed the “here’s how you use our service” message, so I didn’t realize they were finished with my order until this morning.  Now I just need to wait for the URL rewriting package to be installed so I can get things up and running. ReliableSite is on the east coast, so if they don’t do it in the next two hours they may not do anything about it until Monday. The servers should be running IE6 or better, so I might just cut out all the rewriting other than the callback URL itself so I can get it up and running.

I sent invitations to a few people yesterday to come check the app out, and Justin Miller helped me shake out some bugs in the game UI itself. This morning I notice that only two people have actually made the install… I’ll have to hassle them some more. :)

I hooked up profile updating and revamped the game UI yesterday.  I also added support for game names (though they’re all currently named “Random Name”.)  The global turn processor is working now and it updates your profile with the status of all the mysteries you’re playing.

The biggest change from yesterday was the introduction of networks.  Every Mystery belongs to a network, and you are only shown games from your own network by default.  You can always invite someone from another network to any mystery, but they won’t find it normally.  The game is also drawing suspects from network affiliations, so you will see other players from your network(s) listed as suspects in the mysteries you’re playing.  My hope is that this builds a sense of community around the mysteries themselves. Most Facebook games use the friend list for the same purpose… we’ll see how networks work out.

Today my goals are:

  • Get the game running on the hosting provider
  • Push it out in “beta” form
  • Get news feed items generating for accusations and the mysteries getting solved
  • Generating random names
  • Further end-game UI revisions

Those are in priority order, so if the hosting stuff ends up taking all day I may not get much done.


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