Facebook Week – Day 8

Maybe you didn’t realize this, but Facebook Week has two weekends, so it’s actually 9 days long.

I revamped the way the ASP.NET code handles its own URLs and links between pages yesterday so I could get Prime Suspect up and running on the hosting provider. I never heard back from ReliableSite.net about the URL Rewriting install, so I worked around it. I assume it will happen on Monday now that I don’t need it anymore.

The game is live on Facebook at this point. If you want to check it out, it’s right here. I haven’t set up the turn running daemon to actually run yet, so infinite free turns are still available via the “add turn” button at the bottom of the page. Add Turn doesn’t post anything to your profile, but it will give you turns and check victory conditions. Please post any feedback you have here.

Today I hope to:

  • Improve the game UI some more
  • Fix up the display for games that have already ended
  • Add “how to play” instructions
  • Get the turn daemon running on a regular basis
  • Make the mystery list page not suck
  • Make the mystery join page not suck

Of course it’s the middle of the afternoon as I write this, so some of those things are already done. :)


5 Responses to “Facebook Week – Day 8”

  1. jliu thought on :

    Where to post feedback/bugs? :)

    “Next turn runs at 6:06pm.” isn’t localized for me. I’m not sure what time that is, my local time is 3pm (AEST). It’s definitely not American time… feels more like New Zealand?

    About the network thing, my network happens to be “Australia” and there’s thousands of people I probably will never interact with. Also, the names of the suspects that it has picked up from this network isn’t of great interest to me, which is a pity.

    “Turns” – it’s hard to see how many points I currently have. Initially I thought “Publish Clue (4)” means that it will use up 4 turns. But I remembered I was able to click “Gather Clus (4)” four times, so (4) means I have 4 turns and each action takes 1 turn?

  2. Joe thought on :

    Wow, all of Australia is a single network? In the US it’s by “region”, which pretty much means “city”. There are also networks for high schools and colleges. As I think about it more, I don’t think the network division is the way to go long-term. Maybe I can take suspects from there, but I think the advertising of games will need to be more localized.

    The time is supposed to be localised. I had some problems with the turn processor, though, so it’s possible that turns weren’t running when you played. Is it wrong on new mysteries too?

    That’s good feedback on the action count. I thought putting it on the buttons would be obvious, but if it’s confusing maybe I should just put it back under the names (Or maybe put it up in the “next turn” section for YOUR turns.)

  3. jliu said on :

    haha probably shouldn’t interrupt your scheduled posts by my bug posts!

    Facebook in all its wisdom decided that anybody outside of America that uses Facebook should be networked by their country… I don’t know how outback they think we are :)

    There is a possibility that my ip address is picked up as a NZ address as I’m playing from work and I have no idea how they route the network. I’ll check again from home.

    I thought having “(10 actions left)” under the name would have been clearer. Buttons with “(cost 1 action)” would be nice too.

  4. jliu replied on :

    ah I understand now. all action take 1 turn.

    will some actions take more? things like “finding new source” should take more turns than interviewing the employer

  5. Joe replied on :

    One of the versions of the paper prototype had different action point costs for different actions, but it didn’t really add much (and on a tabletop was a pain to manage.) The pain to manage part obviously doesn’t matter in the facebook version (since no human has to manage them) but the facebook app is pretty much a straight up port of the latest version of the paper prototype. It will start drifting from this point on as I adapt it to how the game actually PLAYS.

    As I’ve been playing I’ve noticed that I left out a key point that I probably should put in the command buttons. There are a limited number of clues and sources. The buttons should probably tell you how many clues or sources remain from that source.

    Now that I’m back at work those regular posts are going to get a bit more sporadic. :)

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