Facebook Week – Finale

I didn’t actually work on the game today, but I did get the turn processor running for real this morning, so I figured I’d put that link up again: http://apps.facebook.com/primesuspect

I finished off everything I had on my list for yesterday. The UI is much improved, but I still don’t think it’s quite there yet. I should probably put the word “beta” on it somewhere so people don’t think I think it’s finished.

If you do end up trying it out, please drop a comment here and let me know. Any feedback you give me will let me make the game better before I list it in the application directory and send it out to ALL my friends (instead of just the 5 or 6 lucky ones I sent it to yesterday.)

So far I have had about 15 people install the game. I guess people are seeing it on news feeds and trying it out. The name is apparently good enough to get people to click on it. Hopefully the one uninstall I’ve had will come back when it’s finished.

And now I return you to your regular once every week or two posting schedule… :)


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  1. Joe replied on :

    I just pushed a new build that has the following changes:
    * Turns now run every 6 hours instead of every 20 minutes
    * There is a link to this blog post for feedback
    * Networks are no longer used for anything. Maybe I’ll put that back after launch when there are lots of players.
    * The mystery list page shows how many players are playing each mystery.

  2. Franklin Krause thought on :

    Feels like the clue you own are disassociated with who they incriminate. I think they should be in a row under the suspects similar to the shared clues.

  3. Joe said on :

    I’m thinking about putting YOUR clues under the published clues section up by the suspects. Obviously I can’t do that with other player’s clues because they’re supposed to be disassociated from their suspects.

  4. Franklin Krause wrote on :

    Do reporters get to see unshared clues from other investigators? I like how there is a row under the suspects for published clue for each investigator.

    Some bugs (see screenshot at http://img241.imageshack.us/my.php?image=primesuspectbugsod5.jpg):

    1. If there are more than 4 suspects the suspect element overflows in a way that can prevent seeing clues or accusing a suspect (why someone would accuse a suspect with fewer clues is a bit silly – I can think of the case where you have 7 suspects with 1 clue each and someone that round makes and accusation then maybe you would want to pick a suspect you cannot see).

    2) Some clues are blank

    3) Accusing someone should reduce your action points to 0. I accused someone at 1 action point and still had 1 remaining even though I couldn’t do anything with it.

    4) There were two public sources available. As the police detective I locked a source and the other public source disappeared until I took a clue from my locked source.

    5) I thought accusing someone didn’t take any action points? Did this change?

  5. Joe said on :

    Frank 2) Clues are reduced to an icon when there are more than 5 shared clues for a suspect and for all published clues. I don’t know for sure if I like that yet, but it’s intentional.

    Frank 3) Good point
    Frank 4) Huh. I’ll look into it
    Frank 5) It takes an action point now. That’s a change from the paper version of the game.

  6. Joe thought on :

    I pushed a couple new builds today. New features include:
    * Action history so you can see what people have done.
    * Taking a case shows up in your minifeed now
    * Your own clues appear under the suspects with their own totals, making it clearer what those totals mean.

    I also cleaned up some of the formatting.

  7. dpi209 commented on :

    1) If you’re working on more than one case, and are done with your turns in that case, you can’t easily switch to the other case – a backlink to the case overview would be nice. That is, only if you’re supposed to be on more than one case at the same time ;)
    2) Is there a way to lay down a case? Somehow I started a case and I’m the only player there at the moment – and since I’m investigational journalist, I can’t end the case by accusing the victim.
    Should it even be possible to start a case if there’s only one player working on the case at a time?

  8. Joe thought on :

    DPI1) You are supposed to be able to play more than one case at a time. I’ll stick a back link in there… I always just hit the app again in my application list on the left.
    DPI2) There’s currently no way to lay down a case. there probably should be. I’m also thinking about adding a way for a game with just journalists to end, maybe by just revealing the killer when the 18th clue about a suspect is revealed.

  9. jliu thought on :

    want some sort of highscores (stats of how you’ve played in past games).

    when a game finishes when you didn’t check for a weekend, it disappears from your list and you don’t even know who won.

  10. Steve Williams commented on :

    Main concern for me is some playability issues – need go back options on the various pages. The accusation button is one of the first buttons you see – and you can’t undo an accusation.

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