Pirates Post-partum at ION

At ION I gave a talk on our development process for Pirates. Darius Kazemi has posted a transcript of the talk. It’s also up at the Vault Network. I wonder how much buzz it’s going to get.

I’m giving the same talk at AGDC this year, so if you missed me at ION you can catch it there.


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  1. Matthew Weigel replied on :

    I’ll look for it… I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make ION, there just wasn’t budget for it (and I didn’t want to go on my own) this year.

  2. Tess wrote on :

    One of these years, I really do need to hit ION. All my old GDC friends are easier to find at the little cons, these days. Besides, my brother is in Seattle, and I owe him a visit or three.

    Luckily, AGDC is just down the road, so I’ll say hi, if I see you.

  3. ejengstrom replied on :


    Been meaning to get around to the article and my comments since I found your blog. I was a POTBS beta player and after launch owned 13 copies of the game.

    How interesting to read about this. Puts a lot into perspective about my observations as a customer and an aloof IT management professional.

    Why decide to post that information and interview? What was your thought process in revealing that information?

    Care to discuss?


  4. Joe said on :

    My hope is that devs on other MMOs can learn something from our experience and avoid some of the pitfalls we hit. The fact that devs from Star Wars Galaxies and Shadowbane came up after the talk makes me think it’s a pretty common story. They said it reminded them of their experiences building those games.

  5. ejengstrom wrote on :


    The problems you’ve described are so common throughout the entire IT industry it isn’t funny.

    What isn’t common is the ability to survive IN an organization and make change for the better for everyone involved. That’s quite uncommon.

    I was floored to read your post-mortem and to see you still employed with FLS. :) I don’t know if I could have done the same.

    It adds real cache to FLS and I look forward to your future projects, they’ll clearly benefit your customers (and yourselves, I hope!).


  6. ion cleanse said on :

    Puts a lot into perspective about my observations as a customer and an aloof IT management professional.

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