My console MMO post is up on Gamasutra

You can find it here. Of course if you’re reading this you probably already read the original post. Mostly I’m putting it here so I can find the Gamasutra version if I ever need it. (And because I think it’s really cool that they reposted it.)


3 Responses to “My console MMO post is up on Gamasutra”

  1. Dave 'Fargo' Kosak replied on :

    Great piece! I’m linking to it in the GameSpy newsletter.

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention hard-drive space issues as one of the limiting factors.

    Personally, I think that a hit console MMO is inevitable. We’ll someday have a “Halo Event,” a game so huge that it introduces a whole new audience to this type of game. In hindsight, these problems will seem trivial or the answers obvious. But someone has to break down those walls.

  2. Dmitry replied on :

    In your posts, you have alredy aprovided many interesting technical details on what is going on behind the scenes in MMO game development.

    However, one thing I don’t get is how you manage to prevent/avoid deadlocks on the SQL Server?

    Can you share some good reliable ways to do it? Please?

  3. Joe wrote on :

    Wow, that’s a pretty big topic. :)

    I’ve done a bit of DB work at that level, but I’m probably not your guy for that sort of information.

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