Austin GDC 2008

I’m heading down to Austin on Sunday along with half of Divide By Zero.  This will be my first conference after leaving Flying Lab so I imagine there will be a lot of funny looks. This will also be a chance to introduce all the DbZers to all my conference friends.

I’m giving my Pirates Post-partum talk, which Jessica Mulligan picked as one of her Top Picks, so hopefully it’ll be pretty well attended. It looks like there are quite a few other great talks too… I’m looking forward to it.

Shoot me an email at joe on the domain if you’ll be down there and want to get together.  This is the first conference in a while that doesn’t have a bunch of pointless meetings with random middleware sales-people, so I will probably even have some time. :)


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  1. Darius K. commented on :

    Hey, I plan on having plenty of pointless meetings with you.

  2. Joe wrote on :

    Hah! See, it’s because you’re such an excellent networker that I see those as “hanging out with my friend Darius” instead of “oh god, I have to sit through a demo of the latest version of some engine I’m never going to license.” :)

  3. Vetarnias thought on :

    Former PotBS player here.

    I was just wondering if your presentation will be along the same lines as the one you gave earlier when you were at FLS. Or will it take into consideration more recent developments in the game’s history?

    You probably can’t comment on what took place after you left (the 1.7 controversy and all that), but I’d be interested in knowing what you think of the current state of the game.

    At any rate, I wish you could post a transcript of your talk after you have delivered it.

  4. Joe commented on :

    My AGDC talk is effectively the same as my ION talk in May. It’s about the period before launch, rather than what has gone on with the live game, so there wasn’t much to change.

    I’m sure somebody will blog a transcript, and I’ll link to it here if I find it. I’m also hoping to get the video from ION posted at some point if I can track down what happened to it.

  5. Tim thought on :

    Good talk Joe. Been reading the blog for a while and it was cool to see “the man” in action. Ended up sitting by a few of the dbz crew.

    By the way was that a bullet proof vest you were wearing? Was it that bad that you left? :)

  6. Joe wrote on :


    That was a back brace, actually. I crashed my bike about a month ago while doing about 30MPH down a hill. They tell me that if you’re going to break your back, I picked just about the best way to do it, though. :)

  7. Tim commented on :

    Sheesh! Bicycle? Irrespective of motorized or not it’s gotta be crazy to go flying off at 30 mph.

  8. Joe thought on :

    I agree! Don’t do it!

  9. Aaron Hinklin thought on :

    Great talk at AGDC.

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