LOGIN 2009 announced

The 2009 Evergreen Events game conference as been announced. It will take place from May 11 to May 14, 2009 in the same hotel ION was in last year. Session proposals will be accepted starting on November 21st.This conference (previously called OGDC and ION) has been the best one I’ve been to over the past couple years.  I highly recommend it for next year. 


3 Responses to “LOGIN 2009 announced”

  1. David B replied on :

    Ooh! Maybe I’ll be able to volunteer for it again and get a free pass!

  2. David Ryan Hunt commented on :

    I hope to attend again. Maybe I’ll work on another lecture to submit.

  3. Matthew Weigel wrote on :

    This time I’ll be submitting a session proposal for sure… :)

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