Pirates of the Burning Sea launches in Russia

It’s called Corsairs Online over there. Everything I hear out of FLS tells me that Akella is doing a great job with the beta and launch.Congratulations FLSers! 


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  1. Tim Burris replied on :


  2. Joe wrote on :

    I… um… don’t know what you’re talking about. It was totally spelled right the whole time.

  3. Vetarnias thought on :

    I certainly hope PotBS can pull through; if the Russian launch goes well, good for FLS.

    Unfortunately, this is taking place while the four NA/Europe servers are at Light population levels, and while the whole Australian business has gone awry.

    Also — and you probably can’t really comment on this — I find that more often than not, the developers have recently been wasting their time on completely inconsequential matters, or on features which players have not even been asking for (those 6v9 engagements, or that AvCom revamp getting the devs’ attention these days).

    I know you are probably still emotionally attached to the game and its makers, but I fear I have to be blunt — all of this speaks of either an unwillingness or an incapability on FLS’s part to tackle the major problems with the game (the economy, faction imbalance, etc.)

    Something often mentioned by players was how much potential PotBS has. But I fear it might be too late now, and that this potential will go unfulfilled.

    I hope I’m wrong.

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