The first off the shelf AR headset?

Remember way back at the end of 2008 when I said there wouldn’t be any big news in AR in 2009?

Well I might have been wrong about that. An awkwardly named company called Vuzix made their big CES announcement on Monday, and it turns out to be this: 

Wrap VR920

The Wrap 920AV is a styled-up version of their previous glasses. The really cool part are the optional accessories: a 6 degrees of freedom motion tracker and a stereo camera. They are expecting to release it all in spring of 2009. Assuming they don’t pull a Lumus and go quiet without releasing anything, I’m hoping to get my hands on a pair soon.  If nothing else I’ll track them down at GDC and try on a pair. (And speaking of Lumus, what is it with these near eye display vendors and their terrible names?)

They haven’t announced the resolution of the Wrap 920AV, but if it’s like the other glasses in the line, it will be 640×480. That’s too low for many AR applications, but it should work for simple stuff. If these work, they will turn first person AR into a software problem.

Update 1/11/2009: shot some video of the Wrap 920AV in action.


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