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Articles on Industry Broadcast

Two of the posts from this blog are now up at Industry Broadcast in audio form.  I’m thrilled to be among the people contributing content to the site.   The original posts are How to Improve Developer Efficiency and Why Stage-Gates are Wrong for Games.

Give them a listen!

LOGIN 2009 call for speakers

LOGIN 2009

The LOGIN 2009 conference has opened its call for speakers. I’m posting about it months before the deadline, so no excuses this time. :)

This is easily the best conference I’ve been to each of the past few years. The sessions are top notch and because it’s a smaller conference it’s much easier to get to know your fellow attendees.

I am leading the technical track this year, and looking for talks on all of the following:

Live game operations:

  • Collecting crash reports and log files
  • Deployment procedures
  • Cluster Management
  • Providing data APIs to third parties
  • Data-mining

Large-Scale server architecture:

  • Low-level scaling tips on Linux and Windows
  • AI techniques for MMOs
  • Memory Management for long-running servers
  • Design Patterns for scalability
  • Chat filtering for spam and content
  • Embedding the latest scripting languages
  • Area of Interest tracking and bandwidth optimization

Client Technologies

  • Developing cross-platform clients
  • Client memory management issues
  • Challenges of browser-based clients
  • Keeping download sizes small and patch times short

Next-generation technology

  • Dynamic environments and their impact on bandwidth and AIs
  • XML or Object databases as an alternative to relational DBs
  • The impact of many-core processors on server and client architectures

I would love to see talks submitted on every topic above, but if you have a fantastic technical lecture burning a hole in your pocket, feel free to submit it even if it’s not on the list. There are similar lists of topics in the Design, Legal, Business/Globalization, and Community tracks. We’re looking for all the best sessions in those areas too.

If you are going to submit a session, the sooner you do it the better. Almost everybody waits for the last minute so we get a flood of submissions right before the deadline (and even some right after the deadline.)  Submitting early gives us a chance to look at your session when it’s one of a few submitted. If you wait for the end your session will compete for attention with the hundreds of other people who waited for the last minute.

Text vs. Voice… again

Jeremy Liew passed along a report from Neilson Mobile that says teens text 7.5 times as often as they make voice calls. The report says that across the entire population approximately 1.75 text messages are sent for every voice call.

Why is it that text is winning out over voice on a device that was designed specifically for voice chat in the first place?  Is it just that circumstances often permit text chat, but not a voice call?